Skill clinics

The Jr. Gryphons will be offering 5 skill clinics this upcoming season, each clinic will run twice this season.  The clinics will be open to all age groups both boys and girls.  Details on registration and pricing will be made available before the beginning of the 2019/2020 season.

Cue Reading

The Cue Reading clinic will focus on teaching athletes how to identify and react to cues they will see in game.  This will cover all facets of volleyball skills including; serve, attack, setting, blocking, defense, etc.


The Serving Clinic will focus on teaching the basic mechanical, technical and mental skills required for athletes to serve consistently.  A second serving clinic will be held to teach advanced serving techniques to athletes.


The Attacking Clinic will focus on proper footwork, arm swing mechanics and muscle activation during an attack.  The second attacking clinic will focus on advanced hitting tactics and running additional offensive systems.


The Setting Clinic will focus on instructing proper setting mechanics and mindset.  A second advanced setter’s clinic will aim to teach setters advanced gameplay systems and how to implement them in game.

Passing (Defense/Serve Receive)

Our passing clinic will aim to teach proper passing form as well as movement to improve both defensive and serve receive performance.  The second clinic will focus on expanding defensive abilities and receiving tougher serves.