Strength programs

Jump Programs

Level 1

The level 1 Jump program sessions will focus on instructing proper jumping mechanics for both attacking and blocking.  There will be an emphasis on teaching proper landings to avoid injury.

Level 2

The level 2 Jump program session will begin to train muscle activation to improved overall jumping ability.  In addition, time will be spent on improving jumping mechanics.

Group Strength Training (13U-16U)

Group training of young athletes aimed at teaching them the basics of muscle activation as well as basic joint mobility and stability.  Athletes will begin to learn the benefits of physical exercise, how it can enhance athletic performance as well as how it can prevent injury.

Advanced Strength Training (17U+)

Small group training sessions aimed at teaching athletes basic primal movements and how they can be used to improve both volleyball and athletic performance.  The program will look to educate athletes as to proper exercise techniques to provide both efficient training and injury prevention.

Off Season Training

Off season training runs from June to September.  The training focuses on improving strength, agility and conditioning. This athletic training is then used to improve volleyball performance.  Part of the training focuses on improving basic movement mechanics related to volleyball, e.g. attacking, blocking, defense.  Training is done in small groups of 2-4 athletes.