We’re Hiring: GYVA Treasurer

GYVA Treasurer 


  • Day to day banking and record keeping of club accounts.  This includes entries into Quick books, monthly reconciliation of bank account, monthly financial reports, deposits and e-transfers when required.   Bank account and Quickbooks accounts are to allow both the treasurer and president access at any given time. Reconciliation of Accounts Payable and Receivable.  Meet with accountant yearly for end of year preparation and tax requirements.
  • Forecasting revenues and expenses for the current and upcoming club years.
  • Preparation of registration fees for club members and teams based on history and forecasting.
  • Preparation of financial documents.


  • Preparation of weekly payroll and timely remittance of taxes to the CRA
  • Preparation of ROE and T4’s
  • Quarterly reporting of MERC’s (mandatory employment-related costs) to CRA

Registration Program

  • Review of Active Works for Accounts Receivable information on all team sessions
  • Collect an deposit payments

OVA Registration

  • Registration of all board members and club accounts to the OVA.  Players will be responsible for their own registration for the upcoming 2017 club year.
  • Registration of all teams in the NRS systems.
  • Collection of OVA forms for all players
  • Registration and payment of all OVA tournaments and Provincial tournaments for club teams.  Teams will be responsible for registration of any tournaments outside of these parameters.

Team Managers

  • Liaison with team managers regarding the team account and spendatures.  Preparation of the manager’s manual regarding the team account.


  • Coordination of the rental locker for equipment.

Try Outs

  • Assist with tryouts- registration, fittings, online order and registration by parents, strongly encourage a parent to step forward to manage at team meeting held at try-outs.
  • Active participation in try-out weekend

Board Meetings

  • Participation in Board Meetings and decision and or voting process.

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